Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Claudia's Dive-In

Claudia holding a piece of green algae, definitely not just for the photo.

    Greetings, water lovers! My name is Claudia and I am an environmental advocate of primarily marine and aquatic science. Currently pursuing my master's degree from the University of Portsmouth in Hampshire, UK, I'm looking forward to working with youths of varying backgrounds and interests over the 2020 summer season with Save the Harbor, Save the Bay, an organization I've valued since I moved to Boston in 2017. 

    I cannot contain my passion for environmental conservation when it comes to the aquatic environment that unites us all: the ocean! I'm a headstrong advocate for high biodiversity and protective practices of fishing, recreational, and economic use within the ocean. I also concern myself with issues of environmental justice in water availability and quality of life surrounding aqueous environments that belong to the people of surrounding communities. When not studying or out for work, I enjoy spending a lot of time petting dogs, remotely catching up with family, and afternoons by the fire pit with the grill charring up veggie options, and an interesting musical variety. 

Let's get these weird tan lines started! 
- Claudia H. 

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