Friday, July 24, 2020

Climate Change and Resiliency

Hello again!

     There is a big issue with climate change that in Boston can impact me personally. The main issue with climate change in Boston, however, is rising seas. Boston is a place that has a fairly big harbor and is low-lying, because of this if the tide rises by a significant amount it will cause flooding and exterior damage in the city of Boston. As of right now, that has to be our biggest worry and the reason it can affect me personally is that that it is going to affect any of my future jobs and activities. So far what I have noticed is that the tides are getting higher and the weather is getting hotter as time passes. My main concern and the thing that was the most shocking for me was the mentioning of the “90 days of 90-degree heat.” That is nerve-racking because places like Boston, which is more of a colder environment, haven't had that intense amount of heat before.

Just like I mentioned before, the heat increase that is related to climate change has a big impact on the places I work in. Each year, the sites I go to get hotter and hotter, making it more uncomfortable for work. Also, it is easy to notice when the tides are rising more and more each month/each year, It is fairly easy to notice all the changes that surround someone especially when it involves working outside in those hotter environments. One main question I have in regards to climate change and climate resiliency in general is, how do we know when the issue is fixed? How can we know if the problem with climate change is solved?

I believe I can play a big role in awareness of climate change, by making the public and my community care about the issue. It would be good if more people are aware of what is going on in our community and grasp an idea of what issues can come from climate change, as well as how it affects them. More and more people would look forward to fixing those issues. The more people know, the better our society gets.

Be Fossil Fueled up and get ready to tackle climate change!

~ Kamal

Coworkers peering off Fort Point
Peering Over Fort Point Channel

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