Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Hi guys! I'm T'Nysha or Ty from Dorchester. I am 18 years old and an upcoming senior at Waldorf High school in Belmont. I am hoping to study Psychology with the hopes of becoming an ABA therapist or study Marine Biology. They are two very different care paths, but I am passionate about them both. I love painting, knitting, acting, photography and binge watching Netflix shows - ( if you have any good recommendations let me know!) I am the oldest of 2 siblings, a brother and a sister. I have four very loud parakeets and one turtle. I am so very goofy and I have a big heart, so I love to make people's day better by doing the little things. 

As we all know due to COVID-19 online classes took place for a lot of school and mine was one of them. But since my school is not the traditional high school my class and I ended up producing two full plays! I know you're probably asking how and I said the same thing at first. What we did was use the Zoom platform and acted the 'The Seagull' and our own original play 'Six feet apart.' It was a lot of work. Think about everything that goes into a play or movie... we did it all, but online of course. I'm still shocked at the fact we pulled it off, but it came out great. 
Here's a photo I took for 'The Seagull'

I have been looking forward to week one since I found out I would be joining the Save The Harbor crew. I fell in love with Marine Biology at an early age and it has always been my dream job. So when I saw this job posting on Success link I knew I couldn't miss out! When I was younger I used to fish a lot and it was always so much fun to pull in a fish. I am hoping to have that feeling come back once we are out there fishing! I'm eager to learn more and be part of this wonderful community. 

Sea ya on the shore, 

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