Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Week 2 @ Constitution Beach

Hello Everyone, 
This week my team and I were at Constitution Beach in East Boston all week. I had an amazing time, despite the difficult weather. Constitution beach overlooks Logan airport, so all day you can see planes departing and arriving. The beach is gorgeous and I highly recommend going there if you can. One super cool thing about Constitution beach is that the tides there are super visible. I have included some pictures to show how crazy it is! 
High Tide

Low Tide
Once low tide comes, it is really easy to walk down to the water and find a whole bunch of clams in the sand. Unlike last week, I actually caught a couple of them! I made sure that they all went right back into the water once I was done looking at them though. Clams can be found all over the Boston area and are usually found under the sand. 

Juvenile Herring @ Constitution

Another animal that I found at the beach was a juvenile herring. It was dead when I found it, but still super cool to look at. When I first found it I thought it was a lure that a fisherman had lost. Juvenile herring are a super important food source because many different species of larger fish feed on them. 

In the end, I had a super fun week hunting for sea creatures at Constitution beach! 

Hannah Banana ;)

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