Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Another year on the Harbor, luckily!

selfie in my dorm at BU which i miss :(
        And summer is here already! Hey guys, my name is Fatima Fontes, I am 20 years old and an upcoming junior at Boston University. I'm a Pre-Med student with a major in Psychology! I hope and pray that in a couple of more years I will become a Psychiatrist. This is my second year at Save the Harbor Save the Bay and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to be outside again! This year has been everything we never expected. A deadly virus that kept us in the house for months on quarantine, but now we can be outside again enjoying the weather this summer. I've lived in Charlestown almost my whole life and enjoy working out at the neighborhood field to avoid the "quarantine 20", since the gyms have been closed. I've been very committed to doing daily workouts for eight weeks until I injured myself in the beginning of June. I fell off a couple stairs and severely sprained my ankle and fractured two bones in my foot which will be a eight to twelve healing process. Luckily, I have a knee scooter that allows me to get around and still work this summer!
        I am super excited to be able to work another year at this amazing program! I'm so happy that I can reconnect with people from last year and also see new faces. This year is very different from last summer due to the horrible corona-virus. Sadly, we won't be able to have kids at the sites to teach how to fish, interesting facts about the harbor, play games, and interact with. Although we are on zoom for two days out of the week, i'm glad it's not all five and we still get to have three days of fresh air--when the weather isn't too hot--. I was excited to notice that we will be located at a different site every week! Last summer, I worked at Piers Park and only visited two other sites, so I can't wait to visit so much more.
Touring the Charlestown Navy Yard! 
        Even though this summer looks very different from all the others, I am so thrilled to learn the history about other beaches and sites around Boston Harbor. There are many new sites this summer that I never have been to and can't wait to learn so much about it! Sadly, this summer I didn't get to attend the in-person orientation due to the fact that I was on bed rest until I got my knee scooter which came the next day. I can't wait to continue working this summer and reconnect with you all!

See you all soon!
Fatima Fontes :)

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