Sunday, July 12, 2020

First week of Many! :)

On the bow of the Belle on the Harbor
     Week 1 done already? The first week always feels like the longest, but to me it went pretty quickly! My team and I spent our first week in the Charlestown Navy Yard. For many on my team it was their first time at this site, but for me, I grew up in the Navy Yard. I've lived in Charlestown since 2005 and spent my younger years swimming in the harbor. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday touring the site and took videos and pictures for our deliverable at the end of the week. Kharilyah made an amazing video demonstrating how to properly use a crab trap and throw it into the water. The whole team took many pictures of the USS Constitution and Cassin Young which are two famous Navy ships that have fought in various wars. On Thursday, we got the awesome opportunity to tour the Boston Harbor on the Belle and have a wonderful tour guide like David Coffin. We drove by Logan Airport, Deer Island., Caste Island, Thompson Island, Spectacle Island and many more. David shared so many interesting historical facts about all the islands and how they got their names. 
        Many of the islands we passed during our trip had a giant impact on the Boston Harbor cleanup! Some may not know but Spectacle Island was on fire for 10 years! The island had a pile of trash sitting on top from many of the neighboring cities around Boston. The City of Boston thought that the only way to get all the trash off the island was to burn it all away. Sadly, much of the burned material on the island went into the water, but after the island was beautiful as ever. Another island that played a big part in the Boston Harbor cleanup was Deer Island known for the Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant. A long time before the cleanup, every time someone flushed their toilet, the waste would go straight into the harbor which caused the harbor to be very filthy. Now thanks to the sewage treatment plant all the waste from our toilets goes to Deer Island and get sanitized and cleaned. 
Deer Island Sewage Plant that look like giant eggs 
     The first week was fun and I can't wait for what the upcoming weeks have in store! 
        See you later alligators, 
            Fatima :) 

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