Sunday, July 12, 2020

First week at Carson!!!!!!

Hey there, 

The first week of saving the harbor was a success. It was so much fun being at Carson beach, there was so much joy from people and a lot of great vibes. The harbor had such a nice view and I learned so much about Carson Beach and the Harbor in general.
We learned that around 30 years ago the Harbor was completely nasty and it was so dirty you could not jump in and if you did you had to be rushed, and I mean rushed to the hospital!!!!
There were also racial movements going on at Carson Beach. Not too many years ago, it was primarily a white town, then people of color started coming in and all the current residents at the time made it seem like such a bad thing. They even named the article in the newspaper, "the blacks are taking over". I'm really into this type of history and it made me sad that this is what life really was like.

The Harbor might have been a mess back in the day but now it is one of the cleanest harbors in America, MINOR SETBACK FOR A MAJOR COMEBACK!!!!!
Catch y'all later!,
Che Hanks

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