Wednesday, July 8, 2020

My First Year!

    Hi, my name is Arianna Perez and I go to Excel Academy Charter High School in East Boston. I am currently going into my junior year of high school. I play varsity soccer, basketball and softball for my school and other in town leagues. I've been playing sports basically my whole life and have been on multiple teams. I am in one club called Helping Hands, which is a club where we hold fundraisers and different events to help support people with disabilities, disorders, etc. Being involved in school clubs and sports team has given me the ability to be an outgoing, and cooperative person. I am excited to work at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay this year because I've heard the people are very nice and throughout each summer you develop different skills. I also want to learn more about the the different organisms/ any background information about the Harbor itself. I want to be able to tell my friends and family the different things I've learned and show them any skills I've developed.  

    As I am 16 and going into my Junior Year, I am kind of nervous because I have heard that Junior Year is one of the most important years of high school. I don't know what I want to be, but I know that I want to study criminal law. I want people to know that I am someone who always wants to help people through their difficulties. I started to have an interest in criminal law because I watch a lot of Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and shows like that. These shows have made me realize that not only do I want to help kids but help all the people in my community.

    I have four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. I am the second oldest. I have two pets, a cat and a dog. My dog is a puggle which is a mix of a pug and a beagle. This quarantine has brought my family very close and we discovered as many activities as we can. We go on a lot of walks and watch a lot of movies together. I was sad that half the school year was gone, and I wasn't able to play softball this year. That's one less year of playing high school softball. As you may know, all students took online classes for the rest of the school year which wasn't bad, but I feel like I'd rather go to school. Not only has this quarantine affected our school year but it has also affected our summer, which is pretty devastating. This is indeed my first year working at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay and I know my first year working here will not be the same experience as for the returning workers, but I will try to make the best of it. I am really looking forward to working with such a friendly and welcoming community!

We SHELL go to the beach soon!


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