Sunday, July 26, 2020

Climate Resiliency and the Navy Yard

For this weeks schedule our team had the o’so lovely Charlestown Navy Yard, a place known for its unforgettable past. We had a lot of fun catching crabs and making a music video that goes a little like 

“Way hall away we’ll hall away together. Way hall away we’ll hall away joe
My verse: The beaches the lakes it was litty everyday

Bunker Hill Monument

Swimming with the fishes was better than the dishes.”

Now off the topic of our week at the navy yard, let’s talk about climate change and how it can and will impact our future especially knowing that we are living on a coastal city. Something I learned from the video is the effects climate change will have on Boston. A few things that will happen to Boston in about a decade plus is hotter days, more precipitation, and sea level rises. 

Climate change could possibly affect me personally because I live Very close to water and since one of the effects of climate change is water levels rising my housing project may flood and all residents will have to move out.

Hopefully you learned a little more about climate change and how it will affect us people living in Boston and in other cities close to the coast. 

Signing off ,

Alex Solano ❌

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