Sunday, July 12, 2020

First Week: The Animals We Find and a Great Time

The first week back at Save the harbor was anything but regular. It felt as if I was working an event rather than a site. Reason being, the pandemic makes us work under a new protocol.

Unfortunately this summer I’m not allowed to see all my coworkers. I wish I could meet the new JPAs, and. Say Hi to people I haven’t seen since last summer. This summer we work virtually and physically. On Monday, we had a meeting preparing for the week. Each meeting we learn new things, regarding photography, and how to be careful during the pandemic and implement the lessons into work. I am able to see everyone, although it’s virtual.
Piping plover :D

From Tuesday to Thursday my small group that I will be working with for the summer we’re working down at Revere beach. It was fun going back on the MBTA after so many months and seeing that it’s actually empty for once. At the site we were preparing a lesson for future programming in which the students learn about the food web system. Specifically in a marine habitat. We captured photos, and caught animals, plants and other organisms to complete this project. On the second day, we caught a striper! This is what we anticipated to be the hardest to find because of its identity as a predator in the food web; therefore there is a smaller probability of finding a predator because they are the smallest population in the food web. We saw endangered birds such as the piping plover living in a sanctioned habitat on the beach. I missed seeing animals and seeing the smile on kids faces for seeing an animal for the first time. However I was the kid in this situation. I have never seen such beautiful small white birds swiftly coursing the beach.The animals living in the ocean ecosystem

The following days were easy considering how many animals we saw and caught already. We were at the beach enjoying the breeze as we searched, and fished off the shore. Our group began to connect because they all are such a cool group of people. Albert and I enjoyed new food places such as Kelley’s by Revere Beach and all the food was amazing.

The preparation this week was fun and easy! Luckily, the following weeks will be the the same!

One thing I began to miss was all access, especially the start of our programming. After we have all the kids and camp groups in the pavilion, David gives a speech.  David runs all access and he usually gives a speech about the Boston harbor cleanup.  Before the Boston Harbor used to be very dirty. Trash used to be disposed on the harbor and that it was not healthy for the animals living in the ocean ecosystem. The people of Boston sued the city in support of cleaning the harbor. The tanks on Deer Island were built, there was a big dig: a tunnel under the water, and more.  The people of Boston made sure the city took into account how dirty the harbor was and made sure something happened about it.  Now we have some of the cleanest urban beaches in the country. I’ll make sure to give David’s speech anytime someone asks this summer.

Until Next time,
Qalid Hassan :)

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