Monday, July 27, 2020

Climate Resiliency during Carson week

This week's theme is climate resiliency. Climate resiliency is the ability for us humans to be able to prepare for and deal with changes in the earth's climate. In the coming years, the climate will get worse and hurt the lands we call home if we don't come up with some plans to make that better. There are many groups and organizations around the world that are working together to be prepared for climate change. One of those groups is right here in Massachusetts called Climate Ready Boston. With that being said, a man by the name of Chris Busch talks all about Climate Ready Boston, and gives us more information on the climate changes that could happen here. 
This is one of many posters for the Climate Ready Boston program.

    In the video that Chris made, he talked about some of the changes in weather, for example, we may see hotter days in the coming years, an increase in extreme precipitation, and a higher amount of sea level rise. He mentioned that later on in the century, we may see 90 days up to 90 degrees, just like places like Alabama. The heat will continue to rise if we don't make changes. Also, when he talked about an increase in extreme precipitation, meaning there could be lots of rain and thunderstorms because of the hot weather. Finally, when he mentioned sea level rise he pointed out that a good majority of Boston is right on the waterfront and has the potential of flooding completely. 

    If climate change were to happen in Boston, it could affect me and my family quite a bit because we practically live on the water. The beach is right around the corner from our house, so with sea levels rising, the houses around us and ours could be affected. Some changes I have seen though are the building of rock walls. Down Revere beach and many others, people have made rock walls to hopefully stop the water from damaging the areas around it from the water. When there are storms the water rises and unfortunately can destroy many lives. Also, something from the video that had shocked me was the waterfront flooding. They have recently built many new and beautiful buildings and to know those may be destroyed in the future if we don't stop this now is very upsetting. 

A beach rock wall. This one is from the town of Winthrop.

  Honestly, this week I didn't really see how climate change has been affecting the sites, but I will definitely be on the lookout for it in the future. There are many questions when it comes to this topic, but one of them would have to be, what would we do if none of these plans work?

Sea You Later!

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