Thursday, July 23, 2020

Adventures at Constitution

Hello again,

We have accomplished week two at Constitution Beach. This beach is located in East Boston, Orient Heights, overlooking the Boston Logan airport and coastal homes. This was my first time ever going to Constitution and I have to say this beach made it to my list of favorites. The team and I spent this week designing an interactive scavenger hunt for kids around the city, allowing us to really look at the amazement of our surroundings. Two of the main marine life I saw at Constitution were Sea Snails and Hermit Crabs. 

Yes there are snails for the sea as they are for land. However these snails have a coily shell that protects them from the rocks and other debris when waves roll towards them. There is a variety of Sea Snails across the world, the majority of them breathe through gills just like fishes in the ocean. Their shells grow to different sizes and rates depending on the temperature of the water, the depth of the water, and food present for the snail. Not only are these shells protective homes for Sea Snails but they are also brand new homes for Hermit Crabs. 
Hermit Crabs can be divided into two groups Land and Marine. At Constitution you can find most walking underwater on the sandy ground. These crabs grow at different rates so they tend to compete for new homes (shells) with each other, however when they’re younger they do well in the shells of Sea Snails. This could be considered like a hand me down between siblings as they get older. 
Now it’s time for the 3rd week at Save The Harbor.

Till next time,
Jay Gomez 

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