Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The history of the harbor and Castle Island!

Hello everyone! For this week of my summer, I was positioned at Castle Island. Castle Island is set near the Boston Harbor and originally it was made in case of an attack. Castle island has sought out defense procedures against any threat as well as being made as a fortress. However, now it is used as a tourist attraction. Back when the harbor was as dirty as it was, Castle Island and the waters that surround it were very nasty. The only things you could notice in those waters back then were debris and trash all around the harbor. Now, however, there are some new signs of life like starfishes at castle island because the harbor is so clean.
In the history of the harbor, there is a story in regards to the lady in black. This story revolves around George’s Island, which is one of the most visited places in Boston. Essentially the story revolves around a woman in which the woman received a letter saying that her husband was in jail on George’s Island. The woman felt compelled to free him. So she cut her hair and dressed as a man, along with bringing a pistol and pickaxe. In order to find her husband she sang a certain tune and used the pickaxe to build a tunnel all the way to where her husband was locked up. After finding her husband she had attempted to escape but a soldier was in her way, in which she had attempted to surprise the officer from behind. Although it did work the officer had slapped the pistol out of her hand, the pistol went off and killed her husband. As punishment she was condemned for hanging, her final request was to be given female clothing but the only thing the island had was some old black robes. She was then executed with these robes by hanging. Now they say that on this day the apparition walks around George’s island in those black robes singing that melody she sung to her husband on that day terrifying those she comes in contact with.

Take a dive into my story about the lady in black and have a blast!

A view of George Island!

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