Friday, July 24, 2020

Climate Resiliency ft. Revere Beach

Ruben and I (Vanessa) Fishing

    The two main things that I think will personally affect me the most, due to climate change, are flooding and 90 degree weather. As someone who is constantly outside for either sports, work, or for fun, that 90 degree weather is really going to be draining. Also, flooding is going to become a really prominent issue due to more storms and sea levels rising. At my house, we have a basement where all the electrical and other important house functions are stored. The basement is not that well sealed to protect against floods. So that would be a whole dilemma my household would have to deal with.

    All the new buildings along the waterfront are structured completely differently than the older houses near the area. On my way to Revere beach from the train I noticed that there was a lot of construction going on in the area. I think that the reason for that was because they want to create flood protected buildings because they are right next to a rising shore. construction that goes on now does not only focus on the way the house will look and will hold up, they now also have to make sure to adapt their building to be able to hold up against the extreme conditions caused by weather.

Boston harbor goonies enjoying the water.

For places like Hawaii , Florida, California, Haiti, and Dominican republic, or any other area surrounded by a body of water, I really fear what will happen to the people there. How high are the shore lines going to rise? Will some islands completely be submerged in the water. What will the people who live near the shore do? 


Revere beach isn't just a fun recreational hang out spot, it is also home to many living creatures. due to climate change the acidity of ocean water has risen. This causes the shells of crabs, clams, muscles, etc. to become weak and easier to crack. This lowers the ability of these creatures to defend themselves making them an easy target for their predators. Now when you try to find a shell that is pretty and whole it's a lot harder than you probably remember. When I was younger the easiest thing to find on the beach was a beautiful, stongr, colorful, and (most importantly) a whole shell. 

Boston, what happens to the people who live in older homes that aren't flood-proof? When are people going to take steps that help control climate change?

My carbon footprint plays a huge role in or steps to change. It's important that I find more eco-friendly ways to do things. Starting with investing in solar panels and even an eco-friendly car. it's the little things that help add to the overall effect. 

Catch you on the flip side, <3 Vanessa

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