Monday, July 20, 2020

Malibu Beach... but in Boston

Malibu Beach :)
   Hey all, 
     And we're back on the blogs after an another week working in the sun... and rain since we were set home early on Tuesday haha! This week my team and I got the amazing opportunity to be exploring Malibu Beach just off of Morrissey Blvd. Growing up in Boston, I always thought that Malibu Beach was considered Savin Hill Beach because they are connected by a board walk, but they are actually two different beaches that surround the Dorchester Bay Basin. This week I flew an air drone for the first time, at first it was very tricky but luckily Sam came and helped us and it was so much fun! It was so cool to be able to see the view of the beach at such a high elevation. On Thursday, my team and I had a picnic for lunch on the beach which is going to become a weekly tradition for the last day we are at that site for the week. The picnic gives us the opportunity to connect more as a team and build a better bond. We also did some fishing for a few hours on Thursday, but sadly we didn't catch anything on the rod. 
Poor dead jellyfish :( 
        Even though we didn't catch no sea animals on the rod, we still manged to meet some very cool sea animals on the shore. Aidan found a really unique looking jellyfish, but it was dead :(. Some cool facts about jellyfish are that they are fully composed of water, they have no brain, heart, bones or eyes, their mouth is in the center of their body, and they live less than a year. Another sea animal that we caught were sea snails. Some interesting facts about sea snails is that the average sea snail has over 1,000 teeth but some can have over 20,000, some survive on only plants like algae, where other also eat fish and even other small snails. I would never have known all these facts about jellyfish and sea snails, but it's so interesting to learn more about the sea animals that are right int the harbor next to my home. 
        Despite the rain, this week at Malibu Beach was enjoyable! I can't wait to explore our new site this upcoming week! 
        Talk to you later, 
           Fatima :) 


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