Friday, July 24, 2020

A few days at the beach...revere that is

          My week at revere beach was great. We came in there with open minds and eyes. we started off the week exploring the beach and seeing its hidden treasures while also pitching some ideas for the scavenger hunt. Then we discovered the wildlife on the beach and the plants. We learned how all the animals on the the beach are connected to each other and also how some of the animals condition directly correlates to the climate and the condition of the beach.

         One of the animals that I interacted with the most was the piping plover, a small round bird that scurries across the beach. They are native to North America and usually like to be around lakes and beaches where they can lay their eggs in the summer. There is actually a roped off area on the beach that allows them to lay there eggs.
          Another animal that we discovered a lot of are CLAMS!!! I know they don't seem like they do much but they really do! They are usually native to the beaches and wash up on the shore. On the beach there were a lot of live ones on the rocky parts of the beach. their shell holds out water and sand and they can shut it airtight. They come in different shapes and sizes and the condition of the shell directly correlates to the condition of the ocean because of ocean acidification.


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