Wednesday, July 8, 2020

My First Year, I'm SO Excited

Heyy Everyone,

       My name is Jane Yannis, I live in Allston-Brighton and I go to the O'Bryant school in Roxbury. I am going to be a sophomore there and I have been playing Varsity Girls Soccer since 7th grade making this upcoming season my 4th year. I really want to play with my Lady Tigers next year so hopefully corona doesn't take that away from my teammates and I. Also, for the past three Summers, I've attended Camp Harbor View, which sadly won't be happening this summer because of covid19, but was an amazing experience where I also got introduced to Save the Harbor!
It was a wonderful community to be a part of and by seeing Save the Harbor while at camp as well as hearing so much about it from teammates like Jay, Vanessa, Jasmine, Grace and Ms. Ryan, I believed there was that same kind of community which is what I am most excited for this Summer. I'm also interested in learning about the history of our Harbor and keeping it as clean as possible. During orientation for Save the Harbor we had to take a video of ourselves telling a story and then show it to someone, and talk about what we needed to work on as a group. This was really helpful to me because I felt like I always needed a little help when it came to presenting myself and using my voice but nothing at school was really helping with that, and this was a great way to know what I needed to work on/ focus on.
        Though I wasn't exposed to the harbor as much because how far it was from my neighborhood, the few times I did drive by it I could see the litter that was thrown into it, and when I was at CHV I started learning a little more about it and saw it a lot more often. When Save the Harbor came to camp, I immediately liked them because of the name and wanted to be a part of something like that, to help the environment and learn about an important part of my city.

-Sea you out there, 

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