Monday, July 27, 2020

Caring for Constitution!

Hello everyone! This week my group and I explored Constitution Beach, located in East Boston, where we sand raked and cleaned up the beach. In order for us to enjoy the beach, we wanted to make sure we take care of the area and give back too. While cleaning up the beach on a hot and sunny Thursday, I realized how much trash truly took over the sand. Dispersing things such as bottle caps, cigarette butts and even leftover sandwich bags only cause harm to the plants and animals that live there. It was rewarding to know that just by sweeping the beach and picking up some trash, I potentially saved many animals from getting harmed or even killed. While doing all of this, this week we kept in mind the topic of climate resiliency! Climate resilience, by definition, is “the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to hazardous events, trends, or disturbances related to climate.” After taking an Environmental Science course in high school, I genuinely wonder how climate change will get better as the population continues to rise tremendously? How can there be a large population while remaining safe for the many generations to come?

Cleaning up Constitution!!

As I call Boston my home, like many of you, I am constantly cautious of how I treat my community. Boston will continue to see even hotter days, just like what we have seen in the last two weeks. Climate change in Boston can cause sea levels to rise and potentially cause flooding in and around where my family, friends and I reside, making it hard to live. Moreover, at Constitution Beach, the renovations provided have allowed for flood paths to be blocked, while also maintaining the clean and recreational space that the beach is known to be. Similarly, there has been an overload of gentrification in and around Allston, where I live directly, making it hard to enjoy Allston as it was when I moved there in 2009. I want to continue to do my part by reducing, reusing, recycling and refusing, 

SEA you next week :)
Aleena Mangham


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