Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Courageous Sail

Hello Boston!

This week ended just as spectacularly as it began. On Thursday, I played sports at George's Island. A few boys were eager to play football with us while other groups were happy to bounce a kickball around in an attempt to keep it off the floor. After a while, we took a break to explore the dark tunnel again. Although there was no sighting of the Lady in Black, we did get scared by a few creepy campers.
Team sports at George's Island

Fitted in my life vest before sailing
On Friday, I had a bittersweet last day at the Courageous Sailing Center. Myself, Vince, and Qalid celebrated our last day by being part of a sailing race! I have never sailed before and was a little nervous about being hit by the sail or capsizing all together. I got placed in a small boat with five young boys and a sailing instructor. The boys were in second grade and full of questions! They wanted to know everything I could tell them about the harbor, the sea life, my life, and what its like in California. They taught me quite a bit too. It was fun to watch the boys scurry around the boat and working together to race through the harbor. When I wasn't ducking and avoiding the main sail, I was learning about how to steer the boat with the rudder. I also picked up on terms like "jibing" and "tacking." Those boys definitely knew a lot about sailing at such a young age. We came in third in the race but it was such a rush to glide with the wind through the harbor.

I am sad to say goodbye to the Courageous Sailing Center, but I made friends there and learned way more than I imagined I could.

Now I am off the check out the Seafood Festival!

Sea you out there,

Jennifer Leiendecker

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