Monday, August 7, 2017

Rodger joins piers

This week at piers park, we got a surprise guest. We caught a skate in our lobster trap, having never seen a skate myself, I was pretty amazed, the kids however were in love with the skate, they even named him, Rodger. They said he looked like a Rodger, but I didn't see it, I though he was more like a gorge or something, but hey, whatever 😂.

Kids singing to Rodger

We could've figure out where to put the skate at first because no one ever thought we would catch a skate , especially in a lobster trap, but we ended up putting him in a wheelbarrow that was nearby, pulled up with water and plopped him right in there. After my SHE gave some information to the kids about the skate, they were still amazed, and started singing to him to see if he liked it. And surprisingly enough HE DID ! He loves the singing and even danced around to it a little, moved enough for us to get to see his ever human like lips, which left everyone in awe.

It's pretty cool how many amazing things we can catch at the harbor, hopefully we get some more amazing things.

See you next times at piers

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