Monday, August 14, 2017

Whats the word? Bird? No, it's FISH!

Well everybody knows.
That the bird is the word
I have learned how to get people annoyed quickly! And it's due to one song, one song in particular will get my co-workers annoyed with me! And I make it a point to sing it at the slow boring times. keep everyone awake and in high energy. it is one of my personal favorites, and a old song. Surfing Bird by the Trashmen! and I essentially have it on repeat when I sing it. And somehow, when every I sing it, birds always tend to flock around me... It is quite weird...

But off the topic of annoying my co-workers, I was able to do something great this summer! I was able to finally catch some fish! It only took us two thirds of the summer to do it... but we got some! I know that by the end of the summer, each and every person that I work with will have a fish to their name! I will make sure of it! But what is even crazier is that the cunner (chogies) have been stripping off the bait right from the hooks!
the final catch of the day
They must be stopped, or caught!
first catch of the day
I will not stop trying to catch them until I am able to get all the kids a chance to see a fish being brought up from the water! And a real fish, not a plastic one. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN SAM!

I am hoping that with the help of my friends, we will be able to pull up a few cool fish for the kids to see and learn about! An example of a kid that was able to pull up one of the fish, was a boy who we will call "Cunner Catcher". Cunner Catcher is a boy who was from Canada and LOVES to fish. and he came by with his family looking to fish, and helped us out with the rods every once in a while. Sadly, even he was unable to pull up a fish... or so he thought! I swear by this, standing right next to him, I cast it under the bridge and gave the rod to him, and he started reeling up. we had been sitting there for who knows how long! And a fish kept taking our bait. So with minutes to spare from closing, we tried one last time to catch the sucker who kept feeding off of us. We had little hope, and neither of us expected to be able to pull it off. But with that final cast, we hit it. We had won the fight with the final cunner of the day! Ecstatic, we both yelled out "FINALLY!!! WE GOT IT!!!" and with a wave of relief, we had him push the fish into the air and see it for it's true beauty!
Now stay tuned for more fish,

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