Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Staff Day or Fun Day

My second Staff Day at Save The Harbor and my first time visiting Lovell's Island was a huge success and a lot of fun. I've been to only two Boston Harbor Islands, Georges Island, and Spectacle Island, and it was good to add another island to that growing list.  Lovell's Island is unique from all the other islands, there isn't a swimming beach or a massive military fort, but there are tide pools and cliffs with amazing views. Along with the cliff and tide pools, there's berries all along the island, near paths and high up on trees. At first I along with most people were nervous about eating wild berries, but after we tried one we couldn't stop eating these delicious fruits.
The main event of Staff Day was the Tide pools, this is where we spent the most time and had the most fun. During Low Tide at Lovell's Island tide pools form, these "pools" are shallow for the most part but at some points the water can reach your waist. The cold water is filled with hermit crabs, Asian short crabs, starfish, periwinkles, small fish, and other creatures that I had yet to discover. After exploring the tide pools and finding all sorts of sea creatures, it was time for lunch! For lunch we had sandwiches from J Pace, and some people (not including myself) also tried some of Chris's fried Asian Shore Crabs. Then after a delicious lunch, we were able to walk around Lovell's Island and explore everything the Island had to offer.

A picture of the tasty berries present on the Island

The misty but incredible view from the cliff on Lovell's
Until Next Time, Abel Yohannes

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