Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Last Day at Courageous

This is a picture of me
steering the boat!
On Wednesday Save the Harbor/Save the Bay had a fishing tournament, and it was great! I was on a boat with Mark, a previous Harbor Hero, and the guest I brought, my little sister Lian. We drove off into the harbor until we couldn't see any land around us! On the way there it was very cold and bumpy, I almost fell off the boat! We used live bait which the owner of the boat said was the best kind, but we ended up not catching any fish at all. Regardless I still had fun because I did something I had never done before. Also the captain of the boat let me drive it on the way back!! At first he let me drive the boat at 15 mph, and then he sped up to 45 mph, and that's when it started getting real fun. My colleague Eric ended up catching the biggest fish and won the tournament!

Me gearing up for the big race!

Friday marked our last day at the Courageous Sailing Center and we had a boat race! There were two different kinds of boats that we got into. The regular type of sailing boat and these ones called Quest boats. The Quest boats capsized in the water which means the passengers were able to swim and jump off. If I were to known this ahead of time I would've tried to get on that one-- I love to swim since I've started working for Save the Harbor. We raced from the center all the way to our office on the fish pier. It actually took a long while even though we could see the office from where we had started the race. Every time we got closer, I felt like the finish line was moving further and further!

Stay tuned for more!
Vince Vila

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