Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Crustaceans Galore!

What's Up Everyone!

There must be something in the water. Aquaman must be nearby because the sea critters are buzzing today. We expected it to be like any other day today. Just a few crabs, maybe a fish if we're lucky. However, when we went to check our traps today, we were blessed with an abundance of sea creatures. When we pulled up our crab traps, there must have been at least 20 crabs in there. We quickly filled up our touch tanks and the kids eagerly came to grab the crabs out of their nets and place them in the water. We went to pull up the fish trap and we had about 5 fishes in there! They we cute little fishes, who were petted by the kids immediately. However, the biggest catch of today and the year was in our lobster trap.

We pulled up the lobster trap last. We were having so much luck today that we suspected some more when we reached for the lobster trap. We let the kids pull up the lobster trap since they pulled up the crab and fishing trap as well. Maybe they had the lucky hands that day. The waiting was intense. The kids weren't nearly strong enough to pull it up fast, so we had to wait. As the trap came closer to the dock, we all peeked over to see what it held. The water fell out of the trap and there it was. A big and juicy blue lobster. There was a joyous feeling around the dock. It was our first lobster of the summer!  Maybe we'll catch another one before the summer ends!

Kim with the first lobster of the summer!

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