Monday, August 14, 2017

Fun Friday at Atlantic Wharf!

Touch Tank Learning!
Welcome back to Atlantic Wharf, we've missed you since last Friday. Let me tune you into what will be going on today: First we will greet the groups and have lunch, next we will give a history lesson with some demonstrations about Boston Harbor, finally we will split into 3 stations and rotate every now and then, so come on down and learn something new! 

Patrice and I are at the touch tank. We pull up the crab trap to find about 8 green crabs and put them neatly into the tank. We set aside the tank into the shade under the sign and strolled onto the green grass to teach the youth about the history of the harbor. Maxwilliams, our senior harbor educator, talks to the two groups of camps present about the travel of waste from your toilet to the Deer island treatment plant and into the clean harbor.
Crab Holding Expert.

We pledged to keep the harbor clean from here on out and for the next 6 generations because it is extremely important to be able to enjoy the resource and do activities out on the beaches and water. Patrice crowned everyone and after each person I would shout, "Hooray for the harbor!" We dispersed into our stations and our first group was excited to learn about our crabs. Though many of our pupils knew a little about crabs, they certainly did not hold back asking questions about them. We had actually only caught all female crabs that day except for 1 male towards the end. Despite the tank full of females the kids still learned how to tell the difference between genders. By the end of each session we had expert crab holders and a few names for some of the ladies in the tank.

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