Sunday, August 6, 2017

Beach bash and splash!

Singing haul away Joe!
 Hi everyone! Today was a really exciting day not only for us at save the harbor but also for about 500 other kids too! We were all at Carson beach in South Boston today for the annual Beach Bash and Splash and it definitely has been one of the highlights of my summer. This year we had a ton of different stations for the kids to visit such as fish printing, sand raking, fishing, sand castles, face painting, crabbing, sports and many more! I was assigned at fish printing which I had a lot of fun in even though it got a little messy. The kid's reactions at seeing the dead fish on the table were priceless! They either screamed, stared in wonder/disgust, or asked "can I touch it?!" In the end, all the kids that visited the station ended up touching the fish and making a fish print. We were only half way through the day and we had over 60 fish prints which we started hanging up under the tent which made it look really cool. The kids would see the fish prints that were hung up and immediately came over wanting to make their own! It was a morning full of red, blue, yellow, pink, and all the rainbow colors  on the flounders!
Aside from fish printing, I also helped out with some face painting because it was a really popular station. All the kids wanted to become their favorite character whether it was Spiderman, or Batman, Pikachu, Hello Kitty or many other things! Since I'm not the best artist, I stuck to just drawing flowers and hearts for the kids that wanted those and they actually came out better than I expected. Not only did I get to paint on other kids, I also got some paintings myself! I got some henna inspired flowers on my leg and of course Spongebob on my arm! My friend got Patrick too so it was really cute and awesome!
Spongebob and Patrick paintings!
Not only did I have a lot of fun at the beach bash and splash, but I could tell all of the kids also had a lot of fun and many tried new things they had never tried before. When it was time to splash into the water, everyone stood together and counted which gave a strong feeling of community and made me feel like this is what summer was all about. This beach bash was a memorable one and I honestly can't wait til the next one!

- Rusenny


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