Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sand Everywhere

Olga's Arts and Crafts station 
Thursday and Friday were the most fun days this week. On Thursday it was the usually day. We did the usual which was, cutting the bait, placing crab traps, set up the fishing rods, catch crabs (If we can), and show them to the kids as well as making the kids try out fishing to see if we can catch something. Its pretty explanatory for something that seems kinda complex. Then in the afternoon the staff from Blacks Creek joined us and we continued with the same routine.

On Friday we had a major event also known as the Beach Bash and Splash, where every counselor goes to Carson Beach and play with about 500 children. The children do multiple activities like face painting, fishing, and arts and crafts. It was a really fun event that I had done and can't wait for staff day. I worked at my Arts and Crafts station with Olga. Me along with some other co workers had to move around the beach to get some children into painting their own lighthouses. After the afternoon it had sort of died down in a sense and Olga had left, leaving Me along with a few other co workers to go to different events. More specifically I went to the facepainting area and helped out with that. What an extrodinary event that was and i got to be apart of it. I've been having a great summer lately. I had many things to do and got to go outside and do something instead of being in the house all the time. I'm getting paid and having a fun time doing so, Its like its a double win!

Have a whale of a time!

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