Wednesday, August 9, 2017

fun with spongebob and patrick.

Hey everyone,

              Last Friday we had our annual Beach Bash and Splash and it was by far the best. I opened up way more with the staff which made a difference when I participated in events with them. I was stationed at fish printing with Rusenny, Daynaja and Zack. I loved it because we were close to the face painting group so we had our fair share of tattoos.

Rusenny and I with our tattoos.
       It was the cutest Spongebob and Patrick I'd ever seen thanks to Jennifer but thanks to 
Edward it was sadly gone. We were having a little too much fun with the water and my tattoo was washed off. But Rusenny drew over it which was the bright side. Then I kept playing the best Spongebob songs which drew in many kids that were singing and in line to fish print.

       The scenery in which we were in made me feel so sane because it was just groups of kids laughing and enjoying their summer which is rare to see at times. A child actually putting down the technology to enjoy nature is something so beautiful.

        I honestly cannot wait until next year's Beach Bash and Splash it was a success and I love making a child's day.

Until next time, 
Nieomi Colon

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