Monday, August 14, 2017

Sweet Debby!!!!

Long way down... GIMME THAT MAT!
Long way down...What the heck was this??? Today we had the craziest encounter with our catches. First off, we only caught one crab in the morning shift, but then we caught a- wait am I seeing this right??? A welcome mat??????? Are you serious? Yes. Yes I am serious. I saw it in the distant waters, and I thought I wouldn't be able to reach it if I tried. But one cast after another, I hooked it. for about 20 minutes, as it was slow at that time, Sam and I were trying to pull it up with the net and hook. We ended up giving up using the net because it was to small to fit the whole mat in, but I didn't quit. skillfully maneuvering the mat with the net, I was able to bring it over to the water taxi dock and pull it up. But didn't think that getting the mat across was the hard part. It was quite difficult, but when it came to pulling the mat up, now that thing felt like a hundred pounds!!! It was fully soaked through and had water on top of it! If you had seen me, you would want to know what was on it. Everyone had said to stop and give up. Jennifer even tried stopping me by not moving when I tried moving along the dock. and I feel very accomplished. I owe it all to my stubbornness! Its a bit sad that we didn't catch many crabs though...

Lets see yall come out and get us some fish now!

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