Thursday, August 24, 2017


Hey everyone,

   On Sunday was the Seafood Festival and it was so much fun. We had different "booths" in a sense with fish printing, clam painting and fish-prints for sale. I painted 2 child like clams and it was the best.

the clams i painted.
      My buddies Mermaid Man and Plankton drawed a lot of attention by the kids and they received several compliments.

      I also went to the guy who does body spray paint and we had to get  the official tattoos.

my minnie mouse tattoo.
         i had to get my Minnie Mouse and the trademark as he stated. While working for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay you get in touch to your child like memories and self. This year brought me back to last year when Rusenny and I painted Spongebob and Patrick on the clams. I'm glad Save the Harbor gives us the opportunity to enjoy being a kid and help other kids out. I enjoyed the festival and I can't wait until the next one.

Until next time,
Nieomi Colon

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