Wednesday, August 16, 2017

An Interesting Close to an Interesting Week

Meet my new friend!
This week had been pretty exciting with the fishing Derby and all. I was stationed at George's Island where it's always an adventure. Now if I really think about it, my favorite part of the week was stealing Max's home-run from him in kickball. It was a brilliant strategy in my opinion, but he for some reason disagrees. However David supports me 100%. I also enjoyed fishing this past week at George's. Kids were catching and pulling up crabs left and right. Kharliyah was manning the touch tank and being very cautious of how kids were picking up the crabs. With her at the touch tank a child NEVER gets pinched. Sadly we didn't have our other senior harbor educator Jenn the Mermaid with us so we didn't catch anything super interesting like baby fish or old, mysterious crab traps, but it was still a really great time on the dock with all the different groups of kids.

Friday was my favorite day, it was my first time ever working at Atlantic Wharf! I had no idea how fun it would be. All the kids were so excited to learn about the harbor and how to protect it. I used a sword to inaugurate every single child as a steward of the harbor. Hooray for the harbor!! After the history lesson, Kharliyah and I headed over to the touch tank. We caught
Me explaining to the kids the difference between crab species!
20 green crabs, all of which were females. Throughout the whole day we only saw one male crab in our crab trap. Bridget came over a couple of times and she said that over at Carson, they too only caught female crabs. Anyway, it was a short week but a fun one because everything flew by so fast!

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