Thursday, August 10, 2017

Week ends At BCM

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Some of my colleagues having fun in the sun

The rest of the week at Children's Museum was honestly the same as the beginning of the week. Kinda Rainy and such on Thursday, but the other days were sunny with a warm taste. The rain couldn't decide what it actually wanted to do because it kept switching on and off multiple times throughout the day. An Austrailian familiy had showed up on Thursday (Who are regulars at the Children's Museum) and they were fun to be around and had a blast playing with us. Over all however the days are pretty much the same. The regular schedule goes: We meet up at the supply closet and grab our items that are needed. Such as fishing rods, crab traps, the tackle box and etc. then we organize. Kids then proceed to come and fish or touch crabs. Then the afternoon comes and we pack up get something to eat and once that is over we just head back and do the same thing we did in the morning.Its pretty repetitive but its really fun in the long run. However, I can enjoy the relaxation and fun that comes with the job. Thursday and Fridays were pretty sunny days and chill. Also every day The Blacks Creek Staff and Counselors come through and also participate and do what we do in the morning time. I learned a lot of new skills here and its really fun to participate in. All these children here were really having fun with us.

I hope you had as much fun as us


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