Thursday, August 24, 2017

An Amazing Day

Wednesday was another busy and fun day at Camp HarborView, we fished, caught crabs and helped the Camp Harbor View with a game they play called "The Amazing Race". The Amazing Race is a massive Camp wide Relay race where campers have to travel to different stations and complete tasks. We were at one of the stations and had two tasks for the campers, one of which was to find a certain location on the massive globe next to us. The other challenge was for all campers to hold hands and make a circle, and to pass a hula hoop through everyone, with out letting go of each other's hands.
 After the amazing race was over we had another group and then fishing club. With the next group we went Asian shore crab hunting and caught plenty, at least 100. The kids were very interested and entertained with the crab hunting and had a lot of fun. During fishing club we weren't able to catch any fish, but we did catch spider and rock crabs.
 Wednesday was my second to last day at Camp Harbor View and it was nice to have such a fun day toward the end of my time at Camp Harbor View.

A picture of the waves crashing against the dock

Enjoying the weather and fishing with our fishing club
Until Next Time, Abel Yohannes

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