Monday, August 7, 2017

My first beach event

First one of the day!
This Saturday was my first ever beach event, and I must say the outcome was truly astonishing, for two reason. One, Growing up I never let my mom take me to events like these because I thought no one would show and I didn't wanna be the only odd little kid there.  So when all the kids showed up, I was amazed and honestly disappointed in myself because I never let my mom bring me to one of these events. And two, because I didn't assume that so many kids would show, I thought it wasn't gonna be a fun event, but boy was I ever wrong.

Upon arrival at red rock beach in Lynn, we headed down to the water where we picked up a couple new friends for the kids to show, a baby green crab, and a small rock crab who was had few out of his shell was all soft and very squeezable, those two were big with the kids. They loved that they would hold them without having to be scared of getting pinched and it hurting too much. Surprisingly enough a lot more kids were interested in the crabs than I thought, asking thoughtful questions and actually listening to the response.

Horseshoe crab!!!!!!

But the kids were not the only ones learning something new about the ocean life, for the first time in my life, I saw a horse shoe crab and i was in shock, I didn't even know such a thing exsisted and getting to not only see one up close and personal, but getting to hold one was so scary and unbelievable cool,

This beach event was so awesome, here's to the first beach event, and many more to come !

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