Thursday, August 10, 2017

Museum and Fishing

Rusenny Holding one of the fish we caught
This week at children's was really fun to me. I enjoyed the lasting moments I had over there. Monday we got to get out early, but did actually get quite a following in the morning with multiple groups of kids joining us in fishing and playing with the crabs. We actually did catch alot of fish that day. (On the crab traps that is).I believe we caught a total of 3 fish. After that we got to go home pretty early. On Tuesday, it was as good as the previous day. We got many crabs and carried out the usual exciting activities we've done at the Boston Children's Museum. In the afternoon the staff from Black's Creek joined us and as well being their last day.
But overall those two days were great. Wednesday came through and we had a big fishing event where all the staff (exculding those who stayed at All Access) came and spent a few hours fishing. We caught a flounder on our boat but not much else. Others did get something good such as Eric who got a big striped bass which was probably our biggest catch of the day. It was a fun and well spent first half of the week if I say so myself
Have a wonderful morning and night
Sam catching a Massive "Real" Fish

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