Saturday, August 12, 2017

Explorations and Interrogations

   Wednesday I had the fun opportunity to go on All Access for the first time this summer. With sunny skies and warm weather I knew I was in for a fun day! After boarding the boat with hundreds of kids we were on our way to Georges Island. On the way out I sat at the bow, outside with some kids from a math and science camp. My choice of sitting back fired slightly as they continuously asked me questions I didn't know the answer to! They asked me things like "How long would it take you to swim from Georges Island back to the dock?". They were logical questions, most of the time, but I didn't always know the answers!
Sports on Georges Island
   We finally made our way onto the island after my harbor interrogation on the boat and we had the chance to explore. Melissa and two of the interns that came with us had never been on the island so we took the chance to explore the fort a bit. Upon arrival of the dark tunnel Everybody was too scared to go in. You could hear kids screaming and trying to rush to get out! Their fear was understandable, considering David Coffin was waiting for people to walk by so he could scare them!
   After our trip to the dark tunnel we walked around the fort and bit more and found some old rooms and a nice view from on top of the fort. Finally, we went to the large field in the middle of the fort and played some sports. We started by kicking the back to one another until some kids decided they wanted to come play too. Me and a few kids started practicing our soccer skills as well as our hopscotch skills. Then we joined the dodge ball game that was going on! Two different boys and girls clubs had come together to play the game and it was a whole lot of fun! My trip to one of the harbor islands was a lot of fun and a great learning experience!

Keep Exploring!


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