Sunday, August 13, 2017

Gotta Catch Em' All

The food line was long, but it was worth it!

Last week Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay partnered with Team Instinct of Boston to bring local residents (more specifically Pokemon Go players) an event unlike any other. Pokemon Go is an app based game, typically played on a smartphone because it so heavily relies on geographic location. The game uses a GPS to locate, capture, train, and battle Pokemon. Since the game was released in July 2016, it has become available in 15 countries and has been downloaded over 750 million times!

There must have been a great Pokemon near by because these players seem to
 be looking at their phones!

The game is so popular that a small BBQ gathering expected to get around 20 people together quickly reached a RSVP of over 100 attendees. Gathering that many people in a public place such as Castle Island would require a lot of planning and a permit from the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Luckily, Team Instinct of Boston did a lot of the detailed planning and Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay was able to get a permit to hold a public BBQ so large in such short notice from DCR.

Meet Kona, she loves Team Instinct, although,
  she said it is hard to throw a Pokeball with paws.

Upon arrival, you couldn't miss our crew! The area was plastered with yellow table cloths, t-shirts, and every accessory you could think of. It was impossible not to be drawn in to what was going on or to think we were any other team than Team Instinct. Whether you came alone, with one friend, a group of people, or even your pet, everyone was welcome and we were all there for the same purpose. While some began grilling others wandered around to see what they could catch on their own. I even caught a couple cool water Pokemon to add to my collection myself. After all, what better place to catch them than on an island?

 Before we knew it the food was cooked and ready to be eaten, everyone brought something different but it all looked extremely delicious. While eating everyone mingled and talked, not just about Pokemon, but where they're from and what they do for work. I heard so many people talk about how good it was to finally meet all of the people they talk to on a daily basis but have never gotten to meet. As
folks finished up their food groups of people began roaming
the island together to participate in taking over gyms for their
team and fighting in raids to gain newly released legendary

It was so great that we all got to be a part of this large group of people having such a great day and for a lot of them meeting each other for the first time. Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay also saved the BBQ that day!!

Gotta run, there's a raid starting near by!

A large group of proud Team Instinct members.

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