Monday, August 21, 2017

Cool Weather & Crabs!

This week at Piers Park has gotten off to a cool start (literally). Monday's weather was beautiful and it was overcast while Tuesday was quite chilly. Despite the weather and lack of sun, the new kids this week are all very unique. There are a lot of kids this week who really actually enjoy fishing and they have the patience to do it. One little boy named Aden is obsessed with crabs and he keeps them out of the water for most of the time we’re on the dock. We tell Aden constantly to put the crab back in the water to rest for a minute but whenever we say it he takes it so literally. He dunks the crab in the water but he never takes his hands off of it. It is funny to watch because he entertains himself with the simplest things. Today he put one of the crabs legs in its own pinchers and he walked around screaming “The crab is pinching itself! The crab is pinching itself!”. He gets really sad when he has to put the crabs back in the ocean but we always have crabs in the trap so he knows it won't be long until he finds another friend to play with.
Even the staff were fishing
Aden and his crab obsession
Some of Aden's friends
Eli being a monkey

Today we went to the playground like we usually do after lunch and I played with this little boy named Eli. He and his friends introduced me to a really fun game called Sardines which is basically backwards hide and seek. One person goes to hide and everyone else has to spread out and find them. If you find the person hiding then you have to hide with them in their spot until there is one person left. That is why it is called Sardines because you all have to squish into really small spaces. It was really fun and at one point we had almost the whole camp playing. It was a really fun day at the park and I bet we will be playing Sardines for the rest of the week. I’ll keep you readers posted on any more new games I learn at Piers Park!
Until next time! -Maeve Fittz

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