Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Painted fish and A Politician

If there isn't a selfie, did it really happen?
   Sunday, a day of rest and relaxation, was actually a day full of fun for me! After meeting at the office we ventured out into the crowd of the seafood festival to try and entertain some of the patrons. After placing a crab trap towards the front of the pier I made my way to the children's tent where I would spend the majority of my day. We painted sea shells with different designs and painted a flounder and a striped bass for some fish prints! Maeve and I even tried to trade some old fish prints for a donation. Let's just say neither of us has a future in retail. Painting seashells was easily my favorite part of the day. I made two with turtles painted on it and one with the "Save the Harbor" logo. It was fun to mix nature and art and see the kids' creative abilities.
The Plan For the Park
   Monday was just as fun as Sunday. Early in the morning we boarded a boat and made our way out to Luvells Island. After a few minutes of hiking which included eating some berries we'd found and slapping away bugs, we found the beach. Before the tide had come in we did some tide pooling. We found rock crabs, green crabs, and Asian shore crabs. As well as many other interesting tings. On the edge of the water and rocks the BCM and Black's Creek team had a brief reunion and joined together in singing their favorite songs from the movie "Moana".
   Though Sunday and Monday were good days, Wednesday was even better. What I thought was going to be another day of crabbing, fishing, and coloring turned out to be a day I'll never forget. Martin's Park, a park dedicated to Martin Richard and intended to bring the community together via an all inclusive park, held its ground breaking ceremony today. While there I got to hear from the so many pillars of our community and contributors of the park. It was such an enlightening experience and I can't wait to play in the park myself. After hearing the words of so many individuals I got to meet two of the most important individuals in our community; the mayor and the governor. They even let us take a quick selfie! Not everyday is what it seems, sometimes you get a big surprise!

Play On!

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