Sunday, August 6, 2017


       Hey guys!  
This week I went to Red Rock Fun Friday in Lynn with a couple of friends! There I saw a couple things I've never seen! Before we took off, we stopped at Courageous Sailing Center to pick up a few crab traps we set up, we put them in a cooler and drove for 30 minutes to the beach where we would show the kids our crabs! It was a pretty ugly day out but that didn't stop us nor the kids from having a good time. The people as well as the kids were so excited to see us when we arrived, it was a very warming welcome. 

When we got to the beach the people hosting the fun Saturday set us up with some chairs and a table. We went to get pull up some water from the beach when we realized why it was called "red rock" it was such an amazing vista! Not only were the rocks beautiful and red but on my water trip I also collected hermit crabs and snails. I also found a baby green crab the size of a marble! 
on top of red rock!

We weren't the only organization with a touch tank attending the fun Saturday but we still did what we do! The other touch tank had a horseshoe crab, lobster, many hard shell animals, starfish, shrimp, huge muscle crushing snails and many more that I cannot remember. That was my first time seeing most of these creatures in real life! If it wasn't for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay I would never have become this knowledgeable and have had the opportunities to do these things. Here are some pics of all the fun!

Until next time,
Jennifer Rosa 

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