Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Curly + More Children's!!

The Lovell's Island Beach that we went to
Monday was a really fun day because it was Staff Day! Where every staff gathers and ride a boat to an island. The island was Lovell's island. It was a fun experience and I got to hang out with my staff friends as well as enjoy the peaceful island even though the bugs there were so annoying. I got over it though and enjoyed what I had.For about an hour we started spreading out and checking farther down the beach with the big rocks with barnacles and crabs (Along with some people accidentally getting hurt when they had slipped on the snail) Afterwards we had went to eat food and then checked out snails and tried to develop a theory about how the top of their shells were cracked. Tuesday came around and I was supposed to go to the Curley Community Center, but it had gotten cancelled so I had went back to children's. We did the same fun criteria and this time had a whole lot of fish. We even got some kids to catch a fish with fishing rods (3 to be exact). It was a lot of fun and we had Kimberly join us for the day. I had a fun time.

Wednesday happened and this time we actually went to Curley and had interacted with kids and showed them sand raking, building sand castles, along with fishing. It was fun and I even got to know much of the kids even though we didn't have much time with them. I can tell they had a great time and so did I.

I hope all of you have fun as much as I did

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