Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back at George's Island!

The crab trap with only a
few crabs :(.
Monday I went to the Children's Museum where we fished, colored and played four square with the kids. We also had a touch tank for all the crabs we caught, but unfortunately we did not have much luck catching a lot of them. At one point we thought we had caught something because one of the kids said that their rod was getting hard to reel in, so we went over to help and the rod looked like a 50 pound fish was on the hook! The rod was bending but it ended up just being stuck on something and was caught in the water. Then I went to go play four square and the kids were so competitive! Every round felt intense because I felt like I was always the target to get taken out. And did I mention it was my birthday!!

Me helping the kids learn
about crabs!
Tuesday is all access and we're back at George's Island! I did fishing while the other half of the group went to go see the dark tunnel and play sports. Unlike two weeks ago when we last came to George's Island, today we caught A LOT of crabs. The last time we were here we had very bad luck trying to catch crabs, we caught only a hand-full, but today we caught like 30 of them! I showed the kids how to correctly hold them because they were so anxious to do it. Some even tried to put their hand in the touch tank and grab one! This was surprising because never in my life would I randomly stick my hand in a tank full of crabs, especially when you can't see through the water! To each's own!

Until next time, 
Vince Vila

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