Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Girls Take on the Fishing Derby

The girls take on the fishing derby!

Waking up at 5 am is usually a dreadful task for me, or anyone who loves to sleep as much as me, but waking up for such a terrific event was truly worth it ! Upon arrival at the fishing derby, we were fed breakfast, and then we choose our team whom we would be fishing me. My team consisted of all girl, jenn, Patrice, Mary, Khar, and myself. We knew we were gonna kill it ! Once we were on board the boat with our captain and his assistant, we were pretty excited. The boat was beautiful, and we were so excited to learn some new things from these experienced fishermen.


Although we didn't catch anything at the fishing derby, we had a blast, we had so many laughs, and so much fun. We got to see a harbor seal, and little fishes hopping in and out of the water trying to stay away from their prey, it's as amazing. Not only that, but the view from the entire trip was beautiful, Boston truly is a beautiful city, with an amazing harbor.

Baiting the hooks 

Once we got back to the dock we learned that one of our own had caught a huge stripper fish, all on his own. The excitement on his face was terrific, and getting to see everyone out of their work environment and just having a blast while working was so mind blowing, I had no idea my bosses had a funny bone in their body, but they were great and defiantly enjoyed themselves just as we all day.

Winner of the fishing derby

Although the girl team didn't catch a fish at the fishing derby this year, we will be back for an amazing comeback next year! JUST WAIT ON IT !

Having some fun in the sun!

See you next time

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