Thursday, August 24, 2017

Old Friends and New Memories

Isaac and Oscar and our crab friend!
   Thursday was an amazing day at Children's Museum. A lot of the friends we'd made throughout the summer came back to visit us during our last week of programming. The highlight of my morning was seeing my Australian friend Isaac running to say hi to me. After some interaction with the crabs and fish we decided to play some new games. Isaac, Oscar and I decided to pretend to be crabs for a while. I taught Isaac how to crab walk and then he became the King Crab and started trying to pinch me and his brother. At one point I had two tiny Australians wrapped around my legs trying to take me down! Oscar eventually realized that he could get water out of the bucket we fill up using the rope. He held onto the end while I filled some water. For some reason this was the best part of his visit. He kept demanding I pull up more water. Once we got half the bucket filled I showed him a very rare fish called the "Hand Fish". Basically, I stuck my hand in the water and started flopping it around and splashing it. He kept telling people he had a fish and when they came over to take a look that's what he did! It was great to see them one last time before summer ended!
   The afternoon was just as exciting. Our friends Bryan and Ryan came back to visit too. Bryan and Ryan are twins who's names are actually Sean and Max but I changed them for some fun. Bryan and Ryan stayed all afternoon and helped me fish and pull up crab traps. They have a particular passion for crab races. They got so many other kids involved, who I also made up names for, that we were racing six crabs at a time. We played some 'basketball", which is just the kickball in the water bucket, with our new friends and we played some freeze tag! We had so much fun this was one of the best days I've had at the museum all summer.

Until Next Summer!

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