Monday, August 7, 2017

Fishmania at Children's Museum!

It is said that there are plenty of fish in the sea.... and today at the Children's Museum it was definitely proved. Today was my first morning at the Children's museum and it was more exciting than I expected. When we first got there, as we waited for some kids to arrive I spotted some chalk and decided to start drawing what I draw best.. SPONGEBOB! Since I was a kid my favorite show has always been Spongebob and so I was inspired to start drawing him. In the end, we all pitched in to help draw Spongebob and the final product was pretty decent. After drawing Spongebob, all the kids that passed by would yell "look it's Spongebob!"

Kids fishing at the children's museum!
Aside from our totally awesome drawings, we also caught some feisty green crabs in the crab trap, and not only were there crabs in the first trap we brought up, there was also a cunner! It was the coolest thing ever because I had never seen that type of fish and the kids were pretty excited too. Some even asked if they could pick it up and take a picture with it! But wait it gets even better... within that same hour we caught two more cunner fish! They were about 6-7 inches long and we put them in a small tank for the kids to see and learn about. They were really excited and it encouraged them to fish. Although we didn't catch any more  fish on the fishing rods, one of the kids named Daniel who had been patiently fishing for a couple minutes finally caught a crab right before he was about to leave and it was the most exciting thing to see. It had been his first time fishing and he yelled "I caught something! I caught something!" and when he railed up to see the fiesty green crab at the end of his rod he was the happiest kid ever! Even though it was just a crab, it was nice seeing a little boy experience fishing for the first time and enjoying it. I can't wait to see what more awesome fishing experiences await us at children's museum!

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