Monday, August 14, 2017

First time at CHV

             This was my first time at Camp Harbor View and I had the most amazing time while being there. I got to take a big boat in the morning with all the campers in their bright orange shirts and with the other staff with blue, green and yellow shirts. I got to meet some of the campers who were very excited to fish and learn about the marine life. My CHV group had very energetic campers that weren't scared to touch the Green crabs or the Red Rock crab. Preston and I got to teach the campers the difference between a female and a male crab, how they lose and gain back their limbs, what crabs eat, and how many legs they have. Seeing the smile on the campers faces and to see how engaged  they were to learn about crabs was just great. 

Preston and I teaching kids about crabs 

Showing the campers some crabs we caught in the crab trap  

-logging off Naja D 

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