Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Harbor Illumination Festival

So Saturday Me, Jaden, Garrett, Zack, and Briana went to the Harbor Illumination Festival all the way in Hull, Massachusetts. Once again I came a bit too early, we were supposed to be there at 3:30 PM and I came at 3 o'clock. But hey it's good to be early right? So after getting all the supplies ready we all got in the car and set on a journey to the festival. I say journey because the ride took about a good hour to get there, but when're finally got to the place we got all our fish printing supplies out and got ready. First we put up the table that we would use of fish printing, then got some plastic to put over the table to make sure the table doesn't get fishy nor smell to much like such. We ended up making a lot of printing paper, about twenty-five papers in all I believe, but we really did not use that much of it, in all we used six out of the twenty-five papers. But while we were waiting for new people to come by and try out fish painting, there was a band playing the whole time so we never were bored just standing around doing nothing. But the three hours that we were there, at least for me, were great. I enjoyed learning how to fish print, because believe it or not before Saturday I didn't even know that fish printing was a thing!

Our little set up for Fish Printing!
Maybe I'll learn some new things here...
~Eric Joseph

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