Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wednesday woes

This Wednesday went from 0 to one hundred rather quickly. My day started out pretty well honestly, I got to black's creek and met all the other save the harbor save the bay staffs Ana, Nieomi, and Edward.(Zach drove me to black's creek so he was there too) And after we all got the supplies ready for the first group of children. The first group had a good time, they found a good amount of green crabs, hermit crabs, and even a rare minnow. And played some games Gaga ball and some other things like Mr. fox and Uncle Sam. And then we dismissed the first group and prepared for the second one. This is when the the rain kind of started but it was only drizzling. We still got through the day and ended up stopping a rather quickly, so we went back to crab catching, letting the kids have fun and playing games like a couple Uncle Sam, kickball, and Mr. Fox. And we ended at the  regular time of 12 o'clock. After lunch we got in at Boston children's museum and as soon as we
got in the rain gave no mercy. It started pouring bullets and we had to get under a tent and see if any people would like to look at the crabs under that tent after a good hour of waiting for people. We decided to bring our crabs inside the BCM and show them crabs and we ended up finishing our jobs inside the Museum.
Me "enjoying" the rain.
Hopefully the rain goes easy on us from now on...
~Eric Joseph

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