Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Striped Bass and a Sandrake

   After meeting the Governor and the Mayor on Wednesday I wasn't sure my week could get much better but it did! After catching quite a few cunners on our rods we finally caught some more luck in the form of a Striped Bass! A young man reeled it in for us! Him and his Dad had patiently waited for almost an hour when they finally caught one. The striped bass measured thirteen inches in length. Too short to keep but cool enough to show the kids! They were amazed at how rough the scales felt and the pattern on the stripes on their scales. Some even got to see the inside of the fish's mouth! They were very impressed.
Finished Product!
   Friday after the talent show at MLK I made my way to Carson Beach for some sand raking. randomly assigned partners helped me meet my new friend Tiffany. Tiffany and I made some sea creatures and her name with sand rakes. We needed some real creatures to add to our designs so we found some baby green crabs and periwinkles to add to our designs! After the kids left a few of the staff and I got to make our own design with Andres Amador! We combined some of our different ideas and made one huge design. The creativity and teamwork was so amazing it was a great experience!

Keep Raking!

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