Sunday, August 20, 2017

Don't sit backSta, jump in!

Staff learning 
Kids turn!
 Guess who's back! Andres Amadour is who is back, back and better than ever. Two years ago when I was a JPA I was lucky enough to work an event that was under the instruction of Andres Amadour. We did sand raking at a beach and it was the highlight of my summer. It is so cool to see a form of art where anyone willing can participate. What I love the most is how people surprise themeless. At first people are so hesitant to participate because it looked so difficult and they think that they won't be able to do it. Then they give it a try and are shocked at what they created. This year things were set up differently. The days leading up to our beach events we were able to get a lesson from Andres Amadour. We started with the basics that he shows everyone who partakes in the activity, then we did an activity where one person creates a a design, Andres made a "M" shape with two dots in the middle, I then connected the dots, etc. Each persons would be in charge of deciding when the others would stop the design. This created a piece where everyone take a big role and the work overlaps as you can see in the photo to the left. Then we worked on our flowers once our groups of kids came, you can see their work on the right. Now I feel capable of passing on this art to others on my own! I'm thrilled with this because this work should be shared. The same weekend we had the sand raking event. We turned the whole beach into our canvas and everyone at the beach was able to participate, it was amazing!
My favorite piece

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